How we help with workshop design

When asked to provide consulting on a technical workshop, we start with a free initial assessment over the phone. This conversation helps us understand the project scope and provide a quote for consulting services. So, don't hesitate to contact us.

To give you a better idea of what consulting on a technical workshop might look like, let's assume you are designing a 2-day workshop with 10 chapters and 10 labs. You have subject matter experts who can create the labs but require assistance in designing the course to meet specific goals.


After the initial needs assessment, we would take your team through the one-day Instructional Design workshop so that everyone involved is on the same page speaking the same language. We would then spend a second day consulting with your team to plan out each chapter and lab and assign actions to create first-pass material. So that’s two days.

Let us assume that creating each chapter and a sketch of the lab takes a month (along with doing day-to-day jobs). We would then re-convene for another consulting day to review materials, tweak processes, address questions or concerns, assess progress and determine how to proceed.

Then, after about another month, depending upon the timeframe and project complexity, we might meet for a fourth consulting day to go over all materials and labs as well as the entire workshop structure. At this point, the client might schedule our Train the Trainer course. We might also assess the entire workshop in a beta class with customers and provide additional help, ideas and suggestions.

We can come alongside your process for as long as needed. However, our goal is to truly transfer essential skills to your organization so that you have the ability to independently create effective technical workshops.