Ever purchase a development board or tool, open the box, and try to get started, only to become frustrated due to poor documentation, a confusing starter guide, or installation bugs?


If so, you intuitively understand the idea of user experience (UX), which describes a customer’s emotions or attitudes—whether positive or negative—related to their interaction with a product.

Because it can be a critical decision factor in product selection, you can’t afford to overlook user experience.

Even if a product, system, or service has the best features, price, and performance, users simply don’t have the time or desire to overcome hurdles related to bugs, difficult set-up or poor documentation.

However, while most engineers or design teams are technical experts, expert problem solvers and innovative designers, they rarely have the expertise—much less the time—to design or optimize user experience and its associated collateral.

We create industry-leading user experience collateral.

As engineers with over 60 years’ combined experience in usability, instructional design, and technical communication, we design user collateral that helps customers effectively use and interact with a product rather than absorb an overload of technical details from a user manual or reference guide. 

We implement best practices for user experience as well as the principles of instructional design to break down highly complex systems into bite-size pieces that users can quickly learn and apply. We translate your IP into collateral that walks the customer through a “story” of how to interact with your product and builds user confidence.

The result is a truly effective and positive user experience that saves development time and cost, promotes a high level of satisfaction, fosters repeat business and ultimately increases revenue.

Let Us “Test Drive” Your Products

Send us your hardware and/or software products, and we will “test drive” the user experience. We identify needed improvements and collaborate with you to produce user collateral that may include user guides, getting started guides, tutorials, labs, code examples, and online or live training.

We have created user collateral based on hundreds of evaluation boards, software packages, Internet of Things (IoT) products, wired and wireless semiconductor devices, digital signal processors (DSPs), application engineering topics and even international standards.

What is your need today? Please contact us for a free initial phone consultation.

Purchase Hourly User Experience Consulting

We offer hourly consulting related to designing/creating user experience collateral. We consult over the phone, via e-mail, or online (Zoom or Webex). To purchase consulting time, select the number of hours below and click Purchase (Quantity 1 = 60 minutes = 1 hour).

Upon prepayment, we will contact you within one business day to schedule your consulting time. Please use your consulting hours within 30 calendar days of purchase unless we’ve made other arrangements.

Hourly Consulting for User Experience