While most engineers are brilliant problem solvers and subject-matter experts, their technical content and presentations are often “data dumps” that don’t make information relevant to audience needs.

No matter how knowledgeable the presenter, technical content that fails to connect results in disinterested audiences, wasted opportunities and lost revenue.

We design and deliver technical content that engages audiences, creates mindshare, and ultimately wins business.

As experienced engineers and expert technical communicators, we create clear, targeted messaging for a variety of settings:

  • sales presentations

  • technical conferences

  • product or investor pitches

  • design reviews

  • team or management meetings

  • live or online training

We follow a proven method for content design that is game-changing for companies who create content for customers, other engineers, management, investors or larger audiences.

Using our proven method, we:

  • Develop and hone a “big idea” that communicates the “why” before the “what” and drives the entire content or presentation design.

  • Identify and assess actual rather than assumed audience needs to better target the message.

  • Design content to meet audience needs in a way that captures and maintains attention.

  • Determine the appropriate amount and level of information to support the big idea without creating the classic “data dump.”

  • Create a framework to deliver the content that works within the time or delivery constraints.

  • Develop storyboards and convert them to video or slides that transform complex ideas into easy-to-follow presentations.

  • Incorporate stories, demos, examples, analogies and other elements to increase audience retention, connection and mindshare.

We usually have an initial conversation to identify your goals and determine needs. As we create content, we gather inputs and collaborate with you during the development process. We are happy to work with teams or individuals throughout the technical content design process. 

Contact us today to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

You don’t realize how ineffective most presentations are until you see the structure that goes into making a great one.
— Jason Fhor, Software Engineer, DRS, Milwaukee, WI

Take our technical presentations course.

Audience-Focused Technical Presentations is a two-day workshop that completely transforms your mindset and approach to developing technical content and presentations.

In a hands-on, interactive and comfortable environment limited to 12 participants, you learn our our “secret sauce” for successful and engaging content design on day one. Day two teaches you easy-to-master delivery skills that will put you at ease in front of your audience.

This course is a fantastic way to quickly train engineers, conference presenters, and other staff who develop technical content or presentations for either internal or external customers.

Companies who want to train 8 or more participants can schedule a dedicated onsite workshop. Please inquire about pricing and scheduling.

Get one-on-one help with hourly consulting.

We offer hourly consulting related to developing and delivering technical content and presentations. We consult over the phone, via e-mail, or online (Zoom or Webex). To purchase consulting time, select the number of hours below and click Purchase (Quantity 1 = 60 minutes = 1 hour).

Upon prepayment, we will contact you within one business day to schedule your consulting time. Please use your consulting hours within 30 calendar days of purchase unless we’ve made other arrangements.

Let us do your proofreading & editing too.

anne is our technical content editor with more than 30 years of experience in technical and professional communications.

anne is our technical content editor with more than 30 years of experience in technical and professional communications.

Once your content design is complete, you may need a careful eye to review written copy, slides or other content. We have an in-house technical content editor with a master's degree in English and over 30 years’ experience in technical and professional communications. Anne is fast, thorough and detailed, and she also has a terrific eye for good design.

Hire us to:

  • Edit technical content in any form (written copy, web content, presentation slides, etc.)

  • Edit to the level desired or required, from significant rewriting for style and flow to quickly proofing final copy

  • Polish presentation slides to improve overall design for a clean and professional look

  • Develop or polish the design of other documents, whether written or online.

Rates are quoted hourly or by the project.