While most engineers are brilliant problem solvers and subject-matter experts, their technical presentations are often "data dumps" that don't make information relevant to audience needs. No matter how knowledgeable or polished the presenter, technical content that fails to connect results in disinterested audiences, wasted opportunities and untold lost revenue.

Audience-Focused Technical Presentations is a two-day workshop that completely transforms your mindset and approach to creating technical presentations.


This workshop teaches you how to design and deliver technical content that engages audiences, creates mindshare and ultimately wins business.


In a hands-on, interactive and comfortable environment limited to 12 participants, you learn a proven method for content design (day one and part of day two) and easy-to-master delivery skills (day two).

Your instructor is an experienced engineer who both understands technical content and teaches you how to create clear, targeted messaging for any setting—whether sales presentations, tech conferences, product pitches, design reviews, live or online training, meetings and more.


This workshop is game-changing for engineers who develop technical content for customers, other engineers, management, investors or larger audiences.


The payoffs? Not only increased confidence, connection and audience engagement, but also potential career advancement, sales wins and the satisfaction of communicating really well. As one engineer said, “This affects everything I do in my job.”

About the Instructor

Managing Partner and Founder of Mindshare Advantage, Eric Wilbur (BSEE, Kansas State University, 1988) has delivered thousands of hours of technical presentations while teaching workshops to over 3500 engineers in the U.S. and worldwide. For nearly three decades, he has also given presentations at technical conferences and consulted with engineers to help them create and deliver effective and engaging technical content.  >Full Bio

Schedule an Onsite Workshop

Companies who want to train 8 or more participants can schedule a dedicated onsite workshop. Please inquire about pricing and scheduling.

What You Learn

  • Bottom-line personal and corporate payoffs of changing your approach to technical presentations and related communications.

  • How an engineering mindset impacts content, and how to refocus that mindset on audience needs.

  • How to create and use a “big idea” to engage and connect by communicating the “why” before the “what."

  • When and how to execute an audience needs analysis to customize your message.

  • How to choose the proper level and amount of information to keep audience attention and avoid the classic “data dump.”

  • Content creation skills to transform complex ideas into easy-to-follow presentations, such as how to convert bulleted lists to pictures and diagrams and how to simplify complex slides.

  • How to add stories, demos, examples, analogies and other elements to increase audience retention, connection and mindshare.

  • Simple delivery techniques to start and finish well, engage an audience and maintain high energy.

  • Transferable skills to better communicate in any setting, whether personal or professional.

What Engineers Say

Below are comments from engineers and managers who have taken this workshop. 

Very procedural and thorough way to get big results fast! The methodology is a complete mindset change that lets me quickly take a technical ‘big idea’ and convert it into a full presentation with immediate impact and value for anyone.
— DeWayne Gibson, FAE, Avnet, Dallas, TX
The switch of focus, mentally, from what I know about the product/design to what the audience really wants to know will greatly help many aspects of my presentations.
— Michael Herzfeld, Senior Electrical Engineer, DRS, Milwaukee, WI
I now have a clear picture of what it takes to plan, create and deliver exceptional technical content. I feel more confident and better able to engage my audiences.
— Brad Griffis, FAE, Texas Instruments, Schaumburg, IL
I highly recommend this course. It is a very hands-on and engaging workshop that effectively helps engineers determine audience needs, build the presentation, and then work the delivery. We have realized significant gains in recent major design review presentations.
— Jarrod Widmann, VP of Engineering, DRS, Milwaukee, WI
You don’t realize how ineffective most presentations are until you see the structure that goes into making a great one.
— Jason Fhor, Software Engineer, DRS, Milwaukee, WI
Well paced and informative class. The big take-away is a process to effectively design and deliver high-quality presentations, specifically to engineers.
— Al Revere, Technical Marketing Manager, Avnet, Phoenix, AZ
A big payoff was learning how to replace cluttered and wordy content with interactive pictures, big ideas and “meaning” vs information.
— Mike Kmiecik, Engineer, DRS, Milwaukee, WI