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Formerly known as SYS/BIOS or just BIOS, the TI-RTOS kernel is a real-time operating system (RTOS) used on most TI processor/MCU platforms—CC26XX, Cortex M3/M4, Cortex A8/9/15, MSP430, Multi-core (C66X), C6000 or C2000. If you are developing code for any of these platforms or any other processor that supports SYS/BIOS or the TI-RTOS kernel, this workshop will quickly take you from zero to 80% fluent, saving weeks to months of development time. This class is also helpful to the ARM + DSP multi-core user who wants to understand the DSP "black box" and the RTOS (BIOS) running on that CPU (e.g. OMAPxx).

While working for Texas Instruments, Eric Wilbur created and taught this workshop to customers worldwide. Now, as a third-party consultant, he continues to offer this updated workshop to TI customers interested in learning TI-RTOS as well as Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The class will not only save upfront time to hit the ground running but also time on the backend of a project by making more educated design decisions early on and minimizing issues encountered later. For a 6-month development project, expect this training to save you 1-2 weeks upfront and 2-3 weeks or more on the backend—easily paying for itself many times over. Making good upfront design decisions shouldn’t be overlooked as fixing these towards the end of a project can be very costly.
— Kurt Furlong, Engineering Manager, LSR, Cedarburg, WI

Notes on Supported Products

The current TI-RTOS workshop supports the following products: CC2650, Tiva-C series, C6000 and C28x. Because almost all materials/labs focus on TI-RTOS, not architecture, any user on any TI platform that supports TI-RTOS will learn a great deal about the kernel (SYS/BIOS).

  • If you are an AM335x (ARM Cortex A8) user, with the exception of interrupts and timers, nearly 100% of what is covered in the workshop applies to this target.

  • Any Keystone (C66x) user can learn SYS/BIOS in this workshop using the C6748 LCDK platform.

  • For CC32xx/CC13xx devices, users can run their labs on the CC2650 Launchpad. Again, everything covered in the workshop is 100% applicable to these devices.

What You Learn

  • Introduction to the TI-RTOS Kernel (aka SYS/BIOS) for all TI embedded processing users

  • Working knowledge of the various TI-RTOS kernel thread types—Hwi, Swi, Task, Idle

  • Learning how the hardware (interrupts and timers) interact with the RTOS

  • Ability to create TI-RTOS kernel projects from scratch and learn the “ins and outs” of the tools

  • Advanced training on services such as mailboxes, queues, mutexes, message queues, creating and using dynamic memory and threads, platforms, GEL files, etc.

  • Extensive hands-on experience with TI tools including CCSv6.1+, compilers and linkers and, of course, the TI-RTOS Kernel

Live Workshop Info

If you need to train eight or more participants, you can schedule a dedicated onsite workshop. Contact us for pricing and scheduling. 


Self-Paced Workshop Info

You can choose self-paced learning to complete the Introduction to the TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop. Simply download the workshop materials, purchase the latest lab and solutions files (see below), and complete the labs on your own. Please note that to complete the self-paced workshop, you will need your own development board and laptop with the proper tools loaded (see below).

Because software updates happen frequently—new IDE versions, compilers, TI-RTOS SDKs, API changes, etc.—Mindshare Advantage periodically updates all files and ensures that the latest tools are tested together with the lab/solution files to provide the user with the best self-paced experience.

Tools You Need

This workshop requires your own development board and laptop with the proper tools loaded. If you do not already have a development board, order one of the supported boards from the TI e-store.


TI-RTOS Workshop Materials/Files

Rev 3.2 March 2019

  • Updated all labs and solution files to the latest TI-RTOS SDKs, compilers and CCSv8.3.

  • Updated minor errata in all docs.

TI-RTOS Workshop Installation Guide PDF (click to view and download) 
Rev 3.2 (March 2019, 28 pages, 1 MB)
This installation guide covers all procedures to download/install all TI-RTOS, driver library and CCS tools/software. 

TI-RTOS Workshop Student Guide PDF (click to view and download)
Rev 3.2 (March 2019, 340 pages, 10 MB)
The Workshop Student Guide includes all Powerpoint slides, lab procedures and complete documentation for each slide (like having the live instructor’s words on every page).

Workshop Lab & Solutions Files (click button below to purchase for self-paced workshop)
Rev 3.2 (March 2019, 54 MB)
This file contains all of the updated workshop lab and solution files for all four architectures. Click the button below to purchase the lab/solution files. Upon purchase, you will receive a link that link expires in 24 hours. Remember to rename the file extension .zip as noted during purchase.

Each individual desiring to complete the self-paced workshop must pay for his/her own lab and solution files. These lab/solution files are for individual use only and may not be redistributed in any way, including, but not limited to, selling, forwarding, sharing or distributing the files with any other person(s) or companies. Any commercial usage or any reselling or distributing of these files in any type of format is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright law.TI-R

Consulting for TI-RTOS

Mindshare Advantage offers phone or e-mail support for questions related to TI-RTOS, C-6000, embedded design and self-paced workshops. For workshop questions, we offer support only for labs/solutions downloaded from our site. For more information, click here.