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Why Mindshare Advantage?

With our background as skilled engineers, instructional designers, and technical instructors, we understand how engineers think, learn, and interact with tools, software, hardware, and systems. We are experts in transforming technical information into online or live technical workshops, presentations, and product collateral that optimizes user experience (UX).

We develop and deliver a wide variety of technical content, including:

  • custom training and workshops to quickly and effectively train your staff or customers

  • product guides, tutorials, out-of-box demos, quick start guides, and other product collateral that targets user experience (print, online or video)

  • technical conference presentations that connect technical information to current user needs

User Experience = Mindshare = Market Share

Regardless of how you are communicating technical information, this equation holds true. Positive and effective user experience is a critical component that ultimately leads to gains in market share, whether you are creating an internal workshop for your application engineers, technical sales staff or service-oriented engineers; developing technical workshops for product users; developing product collateral; or presenting a high-profile topic at a technical conference.

Subject Matter Expert ≠ Technical Content Designer

While most engineers or design teams are technical experts, expert problem solvers and innovative designers, they rarely have the experience or know-how—much less the time—to design and deliver effective technical content with a positive user experience (UX).

We design live or online training and user collateral that helps customers both use and interact with a product rather than absorb an overload of technical details from a user manual or reference guide. 

We implement best practices for user experience as well as the principles of instructional design to break down highly complex systems into bite-size pieces that users can quickly learn and apply.

The result is effective, audience-focused training that saves users development time and cost, promotes a high level of user satisfaction, fosters repeat business, and ultimately increases revenue.

60 Years’ Experience = Proven Success

With over 60 years’ combined experience, we have developed and delivered technical content across the globe to thousands of engineers in many of the largest OEMs and semiconductor companies. We often hear feedback such as, this was the most useful workshop I ever attended, this was the first time I ever understood this topic, or this workshop saved our team weeks or months of development time. (For more testimonials, click here.)

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