In addition to designing customer-oriented, well-structured content, Eric is able to adapt his training dynamically to his audience needs, keeping them engaged and concentrated. Eric is an excellent engineer with more than 20 years experience, making him a credible and trustworthy presenter and influencer.
— Wajdi Darmoul, Field Applications Engineer, Atmel, Germany
As an attendee in Eric’s workshops, I have observed his deep insight into the mindset of an engineer. When combined with authentic listening skills, he leverages his understanding of technical audiences with his skill as a seasoned instructor to nimbly adapt the content to meet the expectations of his students, even when those needs are highly variable within a single classroom.
— Rob Hillard, Instructional Designer, Texas Instruments, Germantown, MD
The learning environment that Eric created was OUTSTANDING. He is the best instructor I have ever seen...I have never seen an engineer care so much that each of us learn the topics and have success.
— Max Noda, Engineer, LumaSensInc
Eric is clearly an expert in the subject matter and dynamic in his presentation skills, always keeping the audience engaged and interested. Eric’s ability to deal with different personality types is also very impressive. I truly think Eric’s only agenda is helping others.
— Brian Bell, Technical Sales Representative, Texas Instruments, Rochester, NY
Never have we learned so much in such little time—saving us months of development time. And, oddly enough, we had fun too. How do you do that? ;-) You kept things at the right level of technical detail and managed to make it entertaining as well.
— Jim Woodward, Drilling & Evaluation Systems Engineering, Firmware Architect, Baker Hughes, Houston, TX
Eric is a very good communicator. His course is laid out with a very logical progression, just like a design engineer would take. He is organized, and has interesting stories that make a point and bring home the idea. He seemed to anticipate the kinds of questions we would ask and often had them answered before they were asked.
— Dave Siegler, Firmware Engineering Manager, Rockwell Automation, Mequon, WI
Eric taught at our facility numerous times and adapted his content to make sure that every student achieved what they expected out of the training. Over the years I have struggled to enhance my own technical presentation skills, and Eric has been a great mentor in this regard. Eric is always one of the most prepared, most entertaining, and most enriching presenters.
— Jason Haedt, Field Applications Engineer, Avnet, Pewaukee, WI
Eric is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and kept us all engaged and entertained with great stories! I could not believe the amount of interaction he was able to get out of relatively quiet engineers—he has this ability to speak our language, identify where our confusion areas are, take the time to customize pieces dynamically and truly answer our questions. He made US the hero.
— Design Engineer, Houston
Eric has a phenomenal ability to make really complicated, hard-core engineering material simple and reliable. As a teacher, he has a unique capacity to keep the class as a whole moving while, at the same time, addressing the specific needs of individual students…After his classes, engineers know without any doubt that Eric just saved them months and months of aggravation…In situations where time is money, where you need to get to market fast, where reliability, and testability matter—you simply can’t get better value than Eric delivers. Why bludgeon yourself developing bad habits when a master could show you how to confidently cut to the chase quickly? Worth every penny!
— Henry Sharpe, President, Bluewater Designworks, LLC
Eric’s teaching skills and the interactive way he runs his course is OUTSTANDING. His style of ‘Life is a blank page—so that’s where we will start,’ was a breath of fresh air. He also used varied mediums to get his points across—seemingly unrehearsed and customized to where the class was in terms of ‘getting it’ or not. He often paused when he sensed a bit of confusion and led us into a quick simple example to ensure we were all clear. That is the sign of a passionate instructor who cares more about his audience than simply getting through the material…This method vs ‘death by powerpoint’ was day and night.
— Firmware Engineer, Denver, CO
When it comes to technical training, Eric is the gold standard. Many instructors may understand the material they are presenting, but few possess Eric’s ability to keep the audience engaged so that the material is fully absorbed. Every audience is different, and Eric is able to adapt on the fly to ensure that everyone gets full value out of the session.
— John Stevenson, Applications Manager, Texas Instruments, Toronto, ON
Eric is a very experienced technical instructor and engineer...the combination makes him extremely effective and valuable.
— Joseph Stagnitto, Senior Design Engineer, X-ray Solutions, Carestream Health, Rochester, NY
I spoke with other attendees from Telephonics. All of us were particularly impressed with Eric Wilbur’s workshop…He was highly focused on getting us to UNDERSTAND the material so that we will be able to use it on our own...He had the ability to present the material in a clear and concise way so that both higher and lower skilled students could understand it. This is a rare person who can do this. Most of the engineers had taken previous technical workshops from other companies. Eric blew us away—he made the technical concepts come alive with analogies, stories, and WHY the topic was important. Not only was it fun to learn from him, he got us up and running in TWO short days which…helps us decrease our time to market and also gives us a context to learn other details not covered in the workshop. Most of the engineers commented “best workshop and instructor EVER”.
— Ardan Keohane, Design Engineer, Telephonics, Columbia, MD
Eric implements a methodical approach to developing and delivering technical training... providing a focused, content-rich immersion experience for the students...this environment facilitates maximum learning...saving time and money.
— Brandon Azbell, Applications Manager, Texas Instruments, Schaumburg, IL
Your workshops have been of immense help in my everyday work. I gained lot of knowledge in just two days. It saved a lot of time!
— Srinidhi Sreepad, Firmware Engineer, Geometrics, Inc., San Jose, CA
Thanks to my technical workshop training coach Eric for teaching me the key skills it takes to facilitate a hands-on technical workshop. It is because of Eric’s coaching style that I was able to successfully teach my first technical workshop. Because I knew the technology so well, I always thought it would be an easy thing to do, but after going through the process, I realized it takes a lot of effort, pre-planning and understanding how to connect to your audience. Eric’s training also helped me in the way I approach technical presentations with my assigned accounts. What you learn by going through this affects everything I do in my job.
— Mohsen Khayami, Digital Field Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments, Boston, MA
Eric Wilbur is an outstanding presenter of technical material. His command of the material is always apparent, and brings immediate credibility with the audience. He has a razor sharp wit, which allows him to inject just the right amount of humor at just the right time, and thus keep everyone’s attention...You might think you could learn the same material just as well from a book. And you would be wrong. Eric is a master at creating hands-on exercises that encourage you to put new material to use right away…There is no better way to get a jump start...than to be taught by Eric Wilbur.
— George Mock, Engineer, Texas Instruments, Houston, TX
Eric was able to draw out our experiences and use them to teach the workshop in a very dynamic, fluid, entertaining way. I have never seen a more knowledgeable and prepared instructor. Eric’s methods of instruction are second to none—truly excellent. Throughout the workshop, Eric was truly concerned about meeting our specific needs...and did so.
— Software Engineer, Motorola, Phoenix, AZ
Eric is one of those rare engineers who has the ability to connect with a technical audience in a way that inspires and motivates. A thorough understanding of material doesn’t always translate to good instruction. Eric is a fantastic teacher of technical information, and that means a shorter ramp-up time for students. I highly recommend him for audiences who want an expert from the field who fundamentally knows how to relate to his students.
— William Hohl, Author of ARM Assembly, Senior Member IEEE