Relevant and effective presentations are the key to technical conference success. 

Presentations that connect technical information to current needs empower audiences to innovate new designs, influence customers and win business.

While most conference speakers are technical experts, brilliant problem solvers and innovative designers, they are often less able to connect their expertise with an audience. The average presentation often results in disinterested audiences who check out within the first few minutes. 

And few conference organizers or managers have the time or personnel to focus on this challenge. 

Five Ways We Can Help

1. Identify Training & Consulting Needs

We start with a complimentary phone consultation with conference organizers or technical managers to assess development needs and requirements. 

2. Train Conference Presenters in Group Workshops

We offer group training through our Audience-Focused Technical Presentations workshop. This two-day course, taught by engineers, for engineers, develops essential skills that transform a speaker’s approach to technical presentations. Participants learn essential skills to create and deliver memorable and engaging presentations, and they become confident in their ability to do so. More Info>

3. Coach Individual Conference Presenters

To fine-tune individual presentations, we provide two hours of complimentary one-on-one coaching to engineers who complete the two-day workshop. Technical conference organizers often hire us to provide additional coaching prior to the conference. Consulting may include content screening and assessment and/or live run-throughs with professional feedback and coaching.

4. Assess Live Conference Presentations

To supplement audience surveys and provide unbiased feedback, we assess live presentations and provide practical, relevant suggestions for speaker improvement. 

5. Accurately Measure Speaker Success

We design meaningful and statistically relevant post-presentation audience evaluations as well as post-conference surveys to measure actual information acquisition and on-the-job relevance. Results from these surveys provide meaningful, accurate and actionable data about the effectiveness of each presentation—data that can be clearly communicated to management. 

How We Consult

We can consult via phone, video conferencing or in person either in Colorado or at your location. Consulting fees are quoted based upon customer requirements and may be half-day, full-day or project-based. Travel expenses are in addition to consulting fees. Please contact us for a free initial phone consultation.