This two-day professional development workshop teaches essential skills to design and effectively deliver memorable technical presentations that connect with any audience. This course helps you with all kinds of technical communication—whether technical or sales presentations, team or management meetings, executive pitches, design reviews and more. Because we understand the engineering mindset, we harness your problem-solving skills to help you transform a “check the box” presentation to one that grabs audience attention…and mindshare. More >

Very procedural and thorough way to get big results fast! The methodology is a complete mindset change that lets me quickly take a technical ‘big idea’ and convert it into a full presentation with immediate impact and value for anyone.
— DeWayne Gibson, FAE, Avnet Electronics, Dallas, TX

Technical Workshops for TI Products


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Mindshare Advantage also offers workshops that teach specialized technical content related to Texas Instruments products, specifically TI RTOS (SYS/BIOS) and C6000 embedded design. While working for Texas Instruments, Eric Wilbur created and taught these workshops to customers worldwide. He continues to offer these workshops to TI customers as a third-party consultant in association with Texas Instruments. These workshops are available live or self-paced.


Formerly known as SYS/BIOS or just BIOS, the TI-RTOS kernel is a real-time operating system (RTOS) used on most TI processor/MCU platforms—CC26XX, Cortex M3/M4, Cortex A8/9/15, MSP430, Multi-core (C66X), C6000 or C2000. If you are developing code for any of these platforms or any other processor that supports SYS/BIOS or the TI-RTOS kernel, this workshop will take you from zero to 80% fluent in just two days, saving weeks to months of development time. More >

C6000 Embedded Design Workshop Using TI-RTOS

The "C6000 Embedded Design Workshop " has been re-designed to follow the two-day TI-RTOS Kernel workshop, which focuses primarily on the TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS) for all TI EP products (C28x, C6000, CC13xx/26xx, MSP43x and Tiva C Series). This new C6000 2-day workshop then follows that workshop and dives into the details of the C6000 architecture that apply to single- and multi-core users. More >


Consulting Services

We consult with technical conference organizers, engineering managers or design teams, learning and development or HR managers, and other professionals. Clients benefit from individual or team consulting throughout a project, whether designing a technical presentation, developing technical training, or planning a technical conference. We consult via phone, video conferencing or in person at your location, and we can bundle consulting with our workshops to provide the right level of support. Consulting fees are quoted based upon the customer requirements and may be half-day, full-day or project based. Contact us for more information.


Relevant and effective presentations are the key to technical conference success. Presentations that connect technical information to current needs empower audiences to innovate new designs, influence customers and win business. Unfortunately, the average presentation often results in disinterested audiences who check out within the first few minutes. And few conference organizers or managers have the time or personnel to focus on this challenge

We can help. We identify development needs, train and coach presenters, assess live presentations, and accurately measure speaker success. Our consulting services boost the quality and effectiveness of your technical presentations and impact overall conference success. More >

For Technical Training Development

While most engineers or design teams are technical experts, brilliant problem solvers and innovative designers, they rarely have the experience or know-how—much less the time—to design and deliver effective training solutions.

We can help. We can teach you how to design effective live or online training that helps customers both use and interact with a product rather than absorb an overload of technical details from a user manual or reference guide. We train you to break down highly complex systems into bite-size pieces that users can quickly learn and apply. The result is truly effective, customer-focused training that saves development time and cost, promotes a high level of customer satisfaction, fosters repeat business and ultimately increases revenue. More >

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