What if your company could quickly and effectively instill knowledge and confidence in new product users and compress this learning into one or a few days? What if you had fantastic hands-on technical workshops or online training that you could actually sell to your customers as part of your overall sales process? 

While most engineers or design teams are technical experts, brilliant problem solvers and innovative designers, they rarely have the experience or know-how—much less the time—to design and deliver effective training solutions

We can help.

As engineers with nearly three decades’ experience in technical training, we can teach you how to design effective live or online training that helps customers both use and interact with a product rather than absorb an overload of technical details from a user manual or reference guide. We train you to break down highly complex systems into bite-size pieces that users can quickly learn and apply.

The result is truly effective, customer-focused training that saves development time and cost, promotes a high level of customer satisfaction, fosters repeat business and ultimately increases revenue.

Our consulting services train you how to translate your IP into live or online training that walks the customer through a “story” of how to interact with your product and builds user confidence through hands-on exercises. You learn key content creations skills—such as audience analysis, collaboration, storyboarding and storytelling—that transform complex ideas into easy-to-follow training.

We provide consulting services for technical training via phone, video conferencing or in person either in Colorado or at your location. Consulting fees are quoted based upon the customer requirements and may be half-day, full-day or project based. Travel expenses are in addition to consulting fees. Please contact us for a free initial phone consultation.

Eric has a strong knack for distilling complex information to help enhance understanding...By creating useful exercises to validate learning, he creates content that is both engaging and efficient.
— Rob Hillard, DSP/ARM Instructional Designer, Germantown, MD

Five Ways We Can Help

1. Complimentary Phone Consultation

We start with a complimentary phone consultation. This conversation helps you determine if we are a good fit for your needs, and it helps us understand the project scope.

2. Instructional Design Training

After a needs assessment, we typically take your team through a one-day training workshop. This initial training is foundational to successful training development because it gets everyone involved on the same page. 

3. Customized Consulting

We provide consulting to fit both your needs and timeline for training development. We typically help you develop a plan to create first-pass training material. Later, we review materials, tweak processes, address questions or concerns and assess progress. Depending upon the timeframe and project complexity, we assist you throughout the training development process for as long as needed. However our goal is to transfer essential skills so that you have the ability to independently create effective live or online training.

4. Assess & Improve Live Training

We can assess the effectiveness of live training by attending one or more workshops and providing additional expertise and coaching for both content and instructor facilitation. Evaluating how the material resonates with a live audience is a crucial step to capture what did or did not work from an audience perspective.

5. Accurately Measure Training Success

We design meaningful post-training audience evaluations to measure actual skill acquisition and on-the-job relevance that provides actionable data related to the training effectiveness.