Avnet Hosted Workshop Information

On December 7-8, 2016, the Avnet-Pewaukee branch office is hosting the two-day "Audience-Focused Technical Presentations" workshop presented by Mindshare Advantage. Avnet will receive two complimentary seats and help fill the other 10 workshop seats by extending personal invitations to customers and others in their network.

What’s This Workshop About?

Audience-Focused Technical Presentations is a two-day workshop that teaches engineers how to connect technical information to audience needs in a way that engages interest, creates mindshare and ultimately wins business. Created for engineers and taught by engineers, this workshop directly impacts technical engineering communications in any setting, whether sales presentations, technical conferences, design reviews, product pitches, team or management meetings and more. You learn a field-tested method for content and slide design and become confident in your ability to effectively deliver any message. For more workshop information, click here

Why Invite People to a Technical Communications Workshop?

While many Avnet-hosted technical workshops are attended by staff engineers needing tools/device training, this workshop is ideal for more seasoned staff engineers, managers, directors, VPs and even C-level executives. The goal is to attract engineers and managers who would not normally attend an Avnet technical training event. This workshop is well suited for any customer, engineer or manager who presents or communicates technical information in any setting, whether internal or external.

What Are the Benefits to Avnet?

Side-by-side participation in this highly interactive workshop with Avnet customers provides a great opportunity for Avnet to build relationships as well as uncover new leads and discuss customer needs and Avnet solutions. All participants receive valuable training in technical communication, which helps both FAEs and their customers communicate better and ultimately win more business. Offering communications training opportunities to customers differentiates Avnet as a provider of not only technical solutions but also valuable professional development.

How Many Can Attend?

The workshop is limited to 12 participants. Two complimentary seats will be reserved for Avnet, and Avnet will help fill the remaining 10 seats by extending personal invitations to customers or other people in their network. Seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis via online registration.



  • Branch FAEs and others invite customers, engineers and managers in their network to the workshop via phone, in person or by email. Seats are filled on a first come, first served basis. 


  • General e-flyer sent to branch e-mail list. Flyer re-sent two weeks prior as well.


  • FAEs follow up on invites until all 10 seats are filled. Some seats may be filled by response to the e-flyer, but personal invitations are the key to filling the workshop.